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Foreva GP Zinc - controlling reinforced concrete corrosion

Whether due to moisture, carbonation or chlorination, concrete corrosion involves the same electrochemical phenomena: reduced concrete pH, the occurrence of a battery effect in reinforcements leading to oxidation at the anode (+ pole) and a protective effect through electron influx at the cathode (- pole). This phenomenon is the very principle behind the so-called cathodic protection solutions developed by Freyssinet under the Foreva® label. These solutions consist of installing or creating anodes near the reinforcements to artificially make them behave like cathodes.
They include Foreva® GP Zinc, which consists of using a plasma torch to apply a fine layer of zinc to the concrete, linked at intervals to the reinforcements by a system of stainless steel plates and rods, in order to act as an anode. A pore-blocking coating is applied after the metal spraying operation, making it possible to apply a coloured finishing coat. This solution is designed for use on structures built on the sea front in particular, and provides protection for over 30 years.


Foreva® GP Zinc