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First use of the 1R15 anchor in Australia

Freyssinet has used the 1R15 external additional prestressing anchor for the first time in Australia. Made up of a cast steel anchor protected with a Rilsan coating, it is specifically designed for reinforcing existing structures, in particular thin elements. This first involved the installation of 2,000 anchors as part of the project to strengthen the Burnley Viaduct (Australia), which is made up of prestressed concrete girders supported on single bearings.

Compared with a conventional solution using mechanically welded sheaves or shoes, the 1R15 anchor provides a number of advantages, including:

- the performance and reliability of a mechanical anchor,
- transfer of prestressing force directly to the support,
- compact size, ease and speed of installation,
- elimination of the need to pour concrete on site,

- competitive pricing due to the industrial production of the anchors.


1R15 anchor